August 13, 2010

The bulk of the work

I'm going on vacation soon, so it is time to wrap this guitar project up! As such, I have been working quite hard on it.

No jokes about that last sentence, please.

First of all, I didn't take some pictures of some things. Those things include placing the truss rod, gluing on the fretboard, radiusing the fretboard, sanding down the fretboard to meet the neck more perfectly, and resawing the fret slots. I had to do that after radiusing the fretboard, as some of the fret slots were a bit shallow.

But here are some pictures of some finished work.

I got a workshop key finally!! It took awhile.

Here is the truss rod sticking out of the top of the neck. Not very pretty, but maybe I can work on that a bit.

Drilled holes for tuning machines. Like a glove!

Here is the finished fretboard radiusing job. I left it a little flatter in the middle. We'll see how that goes...
I'm so impressed with my carving, you get to see more pictures of it! Aren't you lucky?

I bought a pre-carved nut from Stew Mac, but it was curved on the bottom. So out came a piece of acrylic and some sandpaper. Taped the sandpaper to the acrylic (double-stick!) and flattened out the nut. Not so bad if I do say so myself.

Here is a view of the completed neck and fret slots after radiusing.

Here are some pickup cavities and the bushing cavities for the rocker bridge.

This is the back side electronics cavity. I think I'm going to make a cover for it from clear acrylic. How cool would that be?! Visible electronics! In the back.

An upclose of a bushing pocket.

Bushing in pocket to test fit. Now It stays there because it is a push bushing which I can't get out. Piss.

And that's the rat race so far. I need to wind up some pickups next, figure out how to connect my pickup routes to the electronics cavity and drill some "pot" holes! Then it's time for finishing. Wow. I didn't realize until right now how close I am to being finished with this project.

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